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Yaz decrease in sex drive

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Do a mental health check and be honest with yourself about whether it could be time to see a therapist or counselor to talk about your lack of desire and any underlying issues that might be at play. Are you gals as freaked out by that notion as I am? Has hormonal birth control impacted your sex drive or your sex life?

Yaz decrease in sex drive

If SHBG levels stay high, testosterone stays low and this can take awhile to reverse. Extra points if you eat them in at least one meal every day! This is different for each woman — remember the Prius vs Hummer concept.

Yaz decrease in sex drive

Yaz decrease in sex drive

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  1. Since the pill reduces the amount of testosterone in the body by a significant amount, there is decreased lubrication and ultimately painful sex for some women.

  2. He talked very specifically about why the pill causes a lot of these issues and I just had to share his pearls of wisdom with you!

  3. If your sex drive feels different to you, ask your health care provider first about switching to a different hormonal method or even just a different formulation of the pill, which can have a big impact on side effects. Goldstein referenced a recent study done on the pill Yaz.

  4. Most of them are mild and similar to the symptoms you may have right before your period—like nausea, bloating, breast tenderness, and mood swings. This guy is seriously the Pill God!

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