Estate Sales Around Hillsboro, OH

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Yard sales hillsboro ohio

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Video about yard sales hillsboro ohio:

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Yard sales hillsboro ohio

The best source for specific and up-to-date information is to follow the Connect-to-County links. Media are welcome to become a local sponsor and use the event for their own promotional purposes.

Yard sales hillsboro ohio

Yard sales hillsboro ohio

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  1. Also, given the nature of yard sales and the history of last year , it is probable that many individual households will not decide to participate until just a day or two before the sale dates.

  2. Media are welcome to become a local sponsor and use the event for their own promotional purposes. This, however, is ideal - not required.

  3. It crosses mountains and deserts, as well as farm land. This stated, we also welcome individual community-spirited citizens who just want to help.

  4. Contact local law enforcement a week before the sale and ask that they help patrol the route during the sale, particularly factors related to safety. The primary responsibilities of a County Coordinator are:

  5. Local antique shops are particularly encouraged to coordinate with one another and to help to promote this event.

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