Yakone, is he a descendant of Hama?

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Overtime, the brothers' waterbending capabilities became more and more relevant and Yakone, having carried the grief against Avatar Aang throughout the years, taught his children to bloodbend in secret, whilst revealing his criminal past to them, utilizing them to his advantage to avenge him when the time was right. For this reason, the bloodbender was considered guilty and sentenced to life in prison. The Legend of Korra extrapolates the adult themes of The Last Airbender and positions them in a world slightly darker and for viewers slightly older.


Toph attempted to halt him with a metal cable, though he quickly overpowered her. It airs at 11am on Nickelodeon, but it's also a franchise aware of its adult fanbase and its own reputation as a show that doesn't sugarcoat its world:



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  1. Yakone and Tarrlok searched for Noatak for days, but they were unable to find him, leading them to conclude that he must have perished in the snowstorm.

  2. Before announcing the Council's final verdict, Councilman Sokka stated the evidence was enough to convince the Council that Yakone was a "unique bender" and had used his ability to commit the crimes of which he had been accused.

  3. Sometime after his trial, with the help of his gang, Yakone escaped prison, underwent surgery to change his facial appearance and assumed a new identity, before leaving Republic City. Therefore, he would have been born before the end of the Hundred Year War, and there were no more water-benders in the Southern Water Tribe, with the exception of Katara.

  4. Was this guide helpful? Noatak's bloodbending abilities were much more powerful than that of Tarrlok, and as such, he was able to develop a method of bending-removal using bloodbending, eventually taking the alias "Amon" and leading an anti-bending revolution against Republic City.

  5. Noatak, Yakone's eldest son, would be revealed as Amon during the battle in Republic City.

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