Female prison officers

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Women sex with prison guards

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Although some inmates may respect their female guards, some do wish that female guards were not present to tempt their sexual desires. These officers were also more likely to be older and have been working in the correctional institution for a more substantial amount of time.

Women sex with prison guards

Female prison officers are less likely to be assigned to jobs that were considered unsafe because of the influence of the association of masculinity with physical stature. These conceptions range from women being useless in disrupting inmate altercations due to their smaller size in comparison to men, less mental capability of handling hardships of the male-dominated correctional field, coercion into relationships with other male or female inmates or fellow guards, causing additional problems for the other staff members.

Women sex with prison guards

Women sex with prison guards

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  1. Though female officers are less likely to abuse these substances than their male counterparts, they still take part in these activities in hopes to relieve the physiological effects of correctional officer burnout headaches, insomnia, back aches, etc.

  2. Those who actively participate in this presentation of self are generally less aggressive, have longer hair, smile more often, have softer voices, are more nurturing and have less-muscled bodies. Problems with female security may range from common privacy to invasion of privacy, and further with experiences of sexual assault from the guard or the inmates.

  3. Women working in corrections are less likely to be married during that time; they are more likely to be single.

  4. While working in such an institution, a female officer may come into contact with danger while doing bodily searches on inmates, becoming the physical mediator between inmate fights, and observing inmate areas for illegal items. Many use this to prevent pondering too hardly on each situation they face on an everyday basis.

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