Why does Windows suck so bad

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Windows home sucks

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September security update broke print functionality for certain users. Sometimes classic Win32 applications are not listed anywhere. Last revised October 31,

Windows home sucks

Windows keeps trying to reinstall failed updates over and over in certain cases every such cycle of "updating" can render your PC disabled for hours! Officially in January Microsoft ended this offer. MS has some very talented programmers.

Windows home sucks

Windows home sucks

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Needless to say, I don't single there frequently. In Windows 10 ranking not-so-old provisions and applications either do not working or have written problems old StarForce arrangements are not wundows. Something 10 Enterprise, which is the only contain where ostensibly telemetery can be late disabled, is still practicing various data collection windows home sucks despite your carnage settings.
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  1. The first kind are the issues intrinsic to every Windows version starting from Windows Vista XP is out of circulation and support so let's forget about it.

  2. Secondly, Microsoft has stripped us of the ability to control Windows updates. This is after windows 10s "location" feature being horribly broken.

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