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The rise and self-perfection of wholes in the Whole is the slow but unerring process and goal of this Holistic universe p. In Shenk, William, ed.


Smuts views may be more liberal than those of the German wholists; but in any case Forman's study suggests that wholism can be linked to totalistic political and religious systems. In the biblical motif of the kingdom we find summed up God's salvific intention for a new humanity within a restored creation characterised by healed relationships with the creator as well as with fellow humans and the rest of the created order.



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  1. Rather than think in terms of two compatible disciplines being integrated with respect to anthropological and ontological assumptions, we would do well to make unified anthropological and ontological assumptions about the individual and subsequently understand the person from a psychological and theological aspect of being.

  2. He instructed his disciples to administer healing through the laying on of hands and through the loving application of bandages and balm Luke

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