Waba Grill, Fontana

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Waba grill fontana

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A perfect type of place if you just would like to get out of the house, yet don't want a formal restaurant, or to get your meal handed to you in a bag through a drive-thru window, or further still to plunk down a ton of money in the process. I guess we do kind of, with our sides, that's what you got, sides of salmon, shrimp and ribs; It isn't advertised. We loved the flavor of all the meats.

Waba grill fontana

Not fried rice, which is tasty, but also full of things your body would rather skip. It's a relatively young restaurant chain, and it originated in SoCal.

Waba grill fontana

Waba grill fontana

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  1. I guess we do kind of, with our sides, that's what you got, sides of salmon, shrimp and ribs; It isn't advertised. Read recent columns here.

  2. Whether it's to go or for dining in, they work quick to keep the lines short and when your order is ready you'll hear your name loud and clear. If you're expecting something else from your fast food you may be scratching your head at the healthy alternative.

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