Best supplements for low sex drive: Five natural remedies to boost libido

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Vitamins to increase womans sex drive

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What could be causing my problem? Ditching these bad habits may help give your sex drive a boost and improve your overall health. Male hormones, such as testosterone, also play an important role in female sexual function, even though testosterone occurs in much lower amounts in women.

Vitamins to increase womans sex drive

One herbal supplement blend is called Avlimil. Your doctor may order blood tests to check hormone levels and check for thyroid problems, diabetes, high cholesterol and liver disorders. A specialized counselor or sex therapist may be able to better evaluate emotional and relationship factors that can cause low sex drive.

Vitamins to increase womans sex drive

Vitamins to increase womans sex drive

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  1. As discussed in that article, one of the most promising approaches is DHEA, which may benefit older women but not younger women -- likely because levels of this natural hormone decline with age.

  2. Lifestyle and home remedies Healthy lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your desire for sex: Therapy often includes education about sexual response and techniques.

  3. It's natural to feel frustrated or sad if you aren't able to be as sexy and romantic as you want — or you used to be.

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