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Vibrating snake eyes tongue ring

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Venom Piercing A venom tongue piercing pictured above , or venom bites piercing, is actually a pair of piercings. Even though both are well-known cities, piercings may cost more in a place like Los Angeles, CA, than they would in somewhere like Orlando, FL. You have several options when it comes to types of tongue piercings.

Vibrating snake eyes tongue ring

Proper tongue piercing care involves a number of things, including: Alternatively, sometimes a captive bead ring is worn in this type of tongue piercing, as shown below.

Vibrating snake eyes tongue ring

Vibrating snake eyes tongue ring

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  1. Another thing tongue rings are good for is prepping for tongue splitting. As long as you practice proper tongue piercing aftercare and are careful about the foods you eat to minimize irritations, your tongue piercing should heal within the typical tongue piercing healing time of weeks.

  2. If you have a setback like a tongue piercing infection, it may take longer for your tongue piercing to heal.

  3. If you want special tongue jewelry or a pair of piercings, as with venom piercings, those things may also drive up the cost.

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