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Vampire kiss piercing pictures

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It is strongly advised that you have these two piercings done at separate times, giving one the chance to fully heal before having the other piercing done. This piercing is primarily designed to be worn with Labret studs, however it would be possible to try rings if the piercing position and your anatomy permits.

Vampire kiss piercing pictures

It may take up to 6 months for each piercing to fully heal internally so it is a good idea to be very careful with your piercings in this time. Do lip piercings heal over if you take the jewellery out?

Vampire kiss piercing pictures

Vampire kiss piercing pictures

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  1. The Medusa piercing is placed directly through the centre of the upper lip. Because there are four separate piercing holes, it is usually performed in separate stages with the customer having maybe one piercing at a time or having their Snake Bites piercings done first and the Angel Bites added later.

  2. These piercings are usually done at two separate intervals, giving the first piercing the time to heal in between, which will allow for a smoother healing process.

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