30+ Standard Marathi Baby Names With Meanings

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Unique marathi baby girl names

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Chime and Chimeg means immortal and ornament respectively. Boon-mee is a popular Buddhist choice which means lucky or a fortunate boy.

Unique marathi baby girl names

He is generally depicted in dark complexion, clothed in black. The name sports a quite beautiful meaning.

Unique marathi baby girl names

Unique marathi baby girl names

Guidebook and Chimeg means apology and ornament broad. The name is not expensive and one can additionally fall in sequence with it. Unique marathi baby girl names

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  1. Julia Antonia, and Mr. It is also an indication of how well they will shine in their life.

  2. This unique baby name for twins is not a common choice and is a latest Buddhist name that you can consider naming your children. It comes with a catchy pronunciation.

  3. The names are an indication of how well they will lead their life and they sound alike.

  4. Both signify light and color that will be the true representation of the personality of the baby boys. The name is really popular among the Marathi families and can be said to be one of the most used names as well.

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