Characteristics of Unhealthy Relationships

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Unhealthy relationships definition

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For example, Michael and Jane are dating. Jane knows he does these things because he cares for her, he tells her this all the time, but Jane is afraid to make any plans unless she hears from him first because he will get upset. Criticism Constructive criticism is one thing, but being overly and unnecessarily critical of a partner can be bad news.

Unhealthy relationships definition

It can be even more difficult when the person treating them this way is a lover. The pattern may be a one-time event, but is often an ongoing pattern of abuse. People can often work on their relationships by talking through the issues.

Unhealthy relationships definition

Unhealthy relationships definition

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  1. However, the behaviors may look different for different people, and what is unhealthy for one person may be abusive or healthy for another.

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