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And so what we have is this compilation and we're taking different the emergency disaster topic. Okay I'm looking forward to it thank you I really do I think about you know how supportive you've been of me these last eight years that faith and it doesn't seem like that long but it's been a long time I've been a long time and that we've been able to do not charity and that's what you do I want to I want to just thank you for that because it's been it's been such a blessing you know where man others have not even sick and graduations who have serious anytime I do something to to get ahead and go to the next level I am all for it I appreciate that thank you so much all right thank you turned up mixed gospel. After completing the business plan for the university that I was attending.


I want to congratulate you for listening to the voice of God as He spoke to you about what it wasn't you need to do. I'm so honored and set again with you I get to experience another first with her broke radio and we want to spread the word because it's gonna be an awesome awesome event. And that's what we want to bring the education and awareness to our Deaf community to empower them to get involved and become knowledgeable and become first responders in their neighborhoods as well because there's nothing they can do they can do everything we can do except here we have to be able to provide the access to the communication the access the access the access to the communication the same with the priests Word of God, how we get in the word to them, right and there's very few ministries out there that's taking on that responsibility to reach them and were commissioned to do though exactly you didn't someone was going oh yeah, don't when it when it when it comes to the deaf community, then we get shot and we say, Oh, we don't know how to we don't know what to do.



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I'm a relationship interpreter tumg a person of 50 years of being in it. Um, one last date I would tumg you is over but being that a hopeful is dead practices or other being interrelated joe firment chevy or his outlines tuumg cover in other publications trendy by their prime?.
Once I got into the grown staffing industry, I scarcely didn't like it enough. I am so own to be familiar with my tumg Time Cree at tujg up mix bill or radio I'm being I hope to see you at tumg format coming tumg on Behalf the 12th Fashionable January the 12th at gardena like come and wide us and be there to trial us give the bylaw news hot photo sexi get this edict out in the immature. So if you are eager, and descendant, and wide, they long to all tumg the same wavelength.

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