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Trollup definition

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It contained both positive and negative comments. Thomas Trollope joined them for a short time before returning to the farm at Harrow, but Anthony stayed in England throughout. In particular, critics who concur that the book was not popular when published, generally acknowledge the sweeping satire The Way We Live Now as his masterpiece.

Trollup definition

His mother returned in and rapidly made a name for herself as a writer, soon earning a good income. Trollope describes this time as "two of the happiest years of my life".

Trollup definition

Trollup definition

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  1. Trollope applied for Tilley's old post, but was passed over in favour of a subordinate, Frank Ives Scudamore. Although the profits were not large, the book received notices in the press, and brought Trollope to the attention of the novel-reading public.

  2. Although he had arrived with a bad reference from London, his new supervisor resolved to judge him on his merits; by Trollope's account, within a year he had the reputation of a valuable public servant.

  3. Within a year of his marriage, he finished that work. Works and reputation[ edit ] Trollope's first major success came with The Warden —the first of six novels set in the fictional county of "Barsetshire" often collectively referred to as the Chronicles of Barsetshire , dealing primarily with the clergy and landed gentry.

  4. His postal work delayed the beginning of writing for a year; [27] the novel was published in , in an edition of 1, copies, with Trollope receiving half of the profits:

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