Psychological Treatment of Sex Offenders

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The treatment of sex offenders

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Even for those with- out formal diagnoses, there is a high likelihood that they have risk-relevant psychological characteristics worthy of interven- tion. Although there are many different styles of psychotherapy, the research has consistently supported structured cognitive- behavioral programs for offender populations [3,31,47].

The treatment of sex offenders

One meta-analysis of treatment for juvenile non-sexual offenders [41] recommended at least contact hours for treatment to be effective. For low-risk offenders, treatment can even be iatrogenic and can increase risk. Both the individual and society concur on the merits of the reformed offender build- ing a satisfying and productive life as a law-abiding citizen.

The treatment of sex offenders

The treatment of sex offenders

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  1. In practice, the program length for sexual offenders varies considerably across jurisdictions [36], even among the narrow category of accredited sexual offender programs run by national prison services.

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