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The muscle that makes pouting possible

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Video about the muscle that makes pouting possible:

This also allows you to close your jaw and also maintains a resting position for the mandible. Buccinator Already mentioned this above, the one that keeps the cheeks flat and keeps the food between the teeth.

The muscle that makes pouting possible

It is not a sphincter muscle, it only gives the appearance of one, it is actually made of a four independent quadrants of muscles. When this sphincter muscle contracts, your eye lids close. The insertion points are the orbicularis oris and the modiolus, beneath the risorius muscle.

The muscle that makes pouting possible

The muscle that makes pouting possible

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  1. The insertion is at the coronoid process of the mandible. Intrinsic muscles of the tongue form the tongue itself while the 4 extrinsic muscles move the tongue around.

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