Malignant narcissism

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The malignant narcissist

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The essential feature of narcissism is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity an extreme sense of superiority , a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. On completion of her post-secondary school she uses her powers of seduction, qualities of her body, a sort of elaborated histrionic scheme, developed to have an impact on a certain category of men between two ages, at key-moments in their emotional development, willing to invest in what appears to be a transiently love, a love they will later learn it has profound implications by directly imprinting, in an emotional malignancy register, that sort of aura that makes its presence felt much later.

The malignant narcissist

Failure in creating connections based on affection is accompanied by selfishness and in difference. Examples include triangulation of family, friends or co-workers, in order to promote their victim narrative. Narcissists want to have followers, but because they have a deep-seated low self-esteem , they are paranoid that people will try to turn against them.

The malignant narcissist

The malignant narcissist

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