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My baddest, personal fitness coach Took this video in our favorite mandapareserve. This vibrant dance of lights across the sky can seem otherworldly, and some Inuit groups believe that the mysterious lights are the spirits of animals that had been hunted by them.


Photo by parthkothekar 3, , Photo by michaelchristopherbrown A storm sweeps over the ancient site of Samaria-Sebaste, located in the village of Sebastia, just northwest of the city of Nablus, West Bank. Let the New Year begin with adventures.



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  1. Yukon NorthernLights nature photography , For the past five years, artist Parth Kothekar parthkothekar has hand-carved creations, each from a single sheet of paper.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the foodies and goodies installed for you over the weekend! Then, Parth, 27, selects his 10 favorite ones and starts cutting away.

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