The Benefits of Being a Sexually Obedient Wife

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Submissive obedient wife

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Honestly, I struggle knowing how to respond. I want to increase the happiness of my husband and make his life less stressful.

Submissive obedient wife

And God taught me a lot and helped me to grow into a stronger person as a result of it. I am still pregnant.

Submissive obedient wife

Submissive obedient wife

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  1. Your charms will do more for you as a wife than any complaining or fighting will. Men always have a vision of how the world around them should ultimately be run.

  2. My husband and I are managing to have a good marriage in the midst of so much spiritual chaos, and if in 20ish years, the chaos is still there, I want my son to have that same chance. The overly-practical nurse side of me is probably showing right now.

  3. You will often internally disagree with what he says, for example, even thinking he is wrong in how he handled a disagreement at work. They have no incentive to change at the moment, in general, because of this major problem.

  4. It is very wrong and actually cruel. And yes, this means we have to focus a big part on how wives sin against their husbands, because like Jeff and Jonadab said that you took offense to and started attacking them about , the wives are getting a constant free pass from churches and preachers and Christian friends everywhere.

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