7 Things You Must Know About Stupid Squirrels

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Daytime squirrels are enough of a challenge. Ironically, he was using liberal language in an attempt to describe how liberal he thinks I am. Since Spruch is a scientist as well as an animal lover, her observations gain a special force and precision, and she manages to achieve the best kind of popular science writing:


While she dreams of traveling the world, for now she's content to study the natural beauty of her hometown. There were regular office hours, and the squirrels soon learned not to scratch at the window until given the signal -- stirring within the apartment. But it's not as unusual as someone actually taking my advice.



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  1. But most of all, this is a book for animal lovers -- a loving, yet unsentimental account of a fascinating episode in the natural history of a large city.

  2. These feeders take out all of the guess work and let you relax and enjoy the view of birds minus any furry invaders. Gradually, other squirrels began to climb the fire escape to the Spruchs' fifth-story window.

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