What Causes Weak Ejaculation and How Is It Treated?

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Sperm shooting out of the penis

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Video about sperm shooting out of the penis:

Do not squeeze too hard; otherwise your orgasm will die off. The average ejaculation comprises nothing more than a teaspoon of semen. Amino acid supplements like arginine, lysine and carnitine, can also boost your sperm volume.

Sperm shooting out of the penis

Obviously, a huge part of a male orgasm is the thought processes that go along with it. This is especially common with a prostate orgasm, but you can get there during regular sex or masturbation as well.

Sperm shooting out of the penis

Sperm shooting out of the penis

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  1. A variety of hormonal treatments like clomiphene citrate Serophene and follitropin alfa lyophilisate Gonal-f may be used to treat this problem. The fertility specialist may collect sperm from your urine and use washed sperm for an assisted-fertilization procedure.

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