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Polygonal rifling was an outgrowth of a cold-hammer forging process developed by German engineers before World War II. A second attempt had the same result. T24 machine gun T24 machine gun prototype mounted on a tripod The T24 machine gun was a prototype reverse engineered copy of the German MG 42 general-purpose machine gun developed during World War II as a possible replacement for the Browning Automatic Rifle and MA4 for infantry squads.


The different versions meant that the service life of an MG 42 barrel varied between 3, and 8, rounds. It could be set up in a prone, kneeling or high position.



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  1. In addition, a select fire trigger group was added to allow semi-automatic fire single shot compared to the traditional fully automatic only fire capability of the original MG 42 design.

  2. Single shots are difficult, even for experienced operators, due to the weapon's rate of fire. The Lafette 42 weighed

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