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They had known each other since , and had frequently corresponded and visited each other ever since. Szilard, filed June 28, U.


It was a field that Szilard had been working on in before he had become subsumed in the quest for a nuclear chain reaction. We watched them for a little while and then we switched everything off and went home.



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  1. He rejoined his regiment in May but in September, before being sent to the front, he fell ill with Spanish Influenza and was returned home for hospitalization. Background Edit It is no normal kind of lizard.

  2. The problem was thought to be insoluble, but in tackling it Szilard recognized the connection between thermodynamics and information theory.

  3. While Time magazine compared him to Chicken Little , and the Atomic Energy Commission dismissed the idea, scientists debated whether it was feasible or not.

  4. As he crossed the street time cracked open before him and he saw a way to the future, death into the world and all our woes, the shape of things to come.

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