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Begin to heal your own physical and emotional issues and experience emotional and physical release now. The temple was restored in by Oda Urakusai, a younger brother of the warlord, Oda Nobunaga , and a student of the tea master, Sen-no-Rikyu. There is a possible link between his adopted Christian name of "Joao" and the name of the teahouse Jo-an.


Shoden Eigen-in is famous for its beautiful Zen garden, especially in the Kyoto autumn leaves viewing season in October and November and for its azaleas in late spring and early summer. A substantial part of the course is devoted to the practice of giving treatments. To provide motivation towards self-practice.



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  1. Gain clear understanding of your life. The International House of Reiki also teaches from a Japanese perspective.

  2. Empowered to transform your life. We prefer to use the Japanese words for the class levels as the system of Reiki is a Japanese Art and Way.

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