13 Subtly Sexy Things That Make You Attractive to Men

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Sexy guys doing sexy things

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It's attractive to men when you can throw your hair back, skip the foundation, and still feel like a boss bitch. And I mean think about it… what another activity other than cardio involves getting hot and sweaty?

Sexy guys doing sexy things

Most deodorant is not so fragrant that it would be considered "too much". It shows vulnerability and triggers his protective instinct. And from what I heard, a guy likes a woman who can swear like a sailor.

Sexy guys doing sexy things

Sexy guys doing sexy things

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  1. It makes you feel connected on a different level. It is also an intimate detail of a woman's body that only he is privy to.

  2. So don't be afraid to get sweaty at the gym in front of your crush, he'll be turned on, don't worry. Surprisingly, as Paula explains:

  3. We all like compliments. Even if you do not sweat a whole lot, it is important to good hygiene.

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