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Sexologist atlanta

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My doctoral research explored the relationship between sexuality and pelvic pain and the potential for sexuality to be a part of the treatment program for pelvic pain. Within this framework, she customizes the therapeutic process to the specific needs of each client.

Sexologist atlanta

I offer sex education and sexual enrichment programs for individuals and couples who want to improve or enhance their sexual relationships. Contact Maggie directly by email at maggiebonnet petrichorcounseling.

Sexologist atlanta

Sexologist atlanta

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  1. She utilizes a holistic approach to health as evidenced by the fields of studies she has equipped herself with. For a more complete list of the medical diagnoses I specialize in, please see the Conditions Addressed page.

  2. To determine if someone is qualified to help you with your sexual concerns, ask about their training and approach to treating sexual concerns and ensure it is empowering, non-judgmental and sex-positive.

  3. My training consisted of studying the many facets of human sexual behavior and participating in experiential courses to learn about my own beliefs and feelings about those behaviors.

  4. Return to top What kind of training do you have? She specializes in sexual health, sex education, and helping clients embrace who they are as sexual beings.

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