The Sexiest Jobs For Men And Women According To Tinder

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Sexiest careers

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Model [viii] Median annual salary in But there were some professions that are attractive to both sexes.

Sexiest careers

First of all — almost every woman loves a man in a uniform. PR specialists create and foster a positive public image for anything from a company to a celebrity. But civil engineers typically design and manage construction endeavors and maintain structures in the public or private sector.

Sexiest careers

Sexiest careers

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  1. Plus, they have to have a lot of confidence in order to argue their case or deal with clients, and as we all know, confidence is one of the sexiest personality traits someone can have. So, it comes as no surprise that many women swipe right when they see a guy is a teacher.

  2. Many athletes get a bad rap for being players, but there are quite a few professional athletes that are devoted, wonderful husbands or boyfriends — so we keep fantasizing.

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