Men want beauty, women want money: what we want from the opposite sex

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Sex women show their beauty

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A new and thoroughly updated edition of this essential work will appeal to all levels of students and teachers of gender studies, cultural studies and feminist psychology, and to anyone with an interest in feminism, women and beauty, and women's health. Advertisement The gender difference was less stark when the results grouped those who rated a characteristic either "essential" or "desirable", but the pattern was nonetheless the same.

Sex women show their beauty

Physically attractive females in the model are sometimes able to lure superior males with whom they produce more surviving offspring than their less glamorous peers. In fact, wealthier men placed less emphasis than other men on a partner with a steady income.

Sex women show their beauty

Sex women show their beauty

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  1. And these stereotypes hold true for rich and poor, young and old, high school dropouts and university graduates, and even those who think they're hot and those who think they're not, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Personality and Individual Differences.

  2. Attractive females then pass their good looks on to their daughters, who also have a reproductive advantage, and so on from one generation to the next. Attractive males get more girls and sire more offspring because of their good looks.

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