How ‘Snakes on a Plane’ Proves Hollywood Should Listen to Their Talent, Not the Internet

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Sex scene from snakes on the plane

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The snakes are blown out of the cockpit and the lower floor of the plane. But as terror has already set in long before such matters are broached, most of us are already too shocked to bother, especially people like me and Indiana Jones whose Orwellian Room would be full of such reptiles. Co-pilot Rick, unaware of the snake, believes Sam has suffered a heart attack and continues toward LAX.

Sex scene from snakes on the plane

Numerous passengers, including Agent Sanders, are killed when the snakes invade the cabin. So let 'em know: Cast[ edit ] Samuel L.

Sex scene from snakes on the plane

Sex scene from snakes on the plane

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  1. The passengers flee to the upstairs first class cabin before blocking the stairwell with an inflatable liferaft. Agent Flynn and Flight Attendant Claire regain control of the plane.

  2. Earlier this year, Bobby Cannavale admitted that he ultimately trusts his gut when deciding on movie and television roles. The movie achieved a ton of internet buzz and was more transparently fan-sourced than any other film in history.

  3. The crate opens midway through the flight and the snakes make their way through the cabin. Kenan Thompson as Troy, Clarence's bodyguard.

  4. It's Kim who is responsible for smuggling a bunch of poisonous snakes onto the aircraft on which Flynn and his charge are traveling, in an attempt to kill the witness played by Nathan Phillips.

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