Managing money in a second relationship

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Second marriages and finances

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There are typical issues that arise with any newly married couple such as when to spend versus save, how much debtDebt Money that you have borrowed. You get to decide individually what to do with the money in your individual accounts and decide together about the money in the joint account.

Second marriages and finances

Learn more about choosing your asset mix. New Factors to Consider Things can be a lot more complicated when you embark on a second marriage in many cases.

Second marriages and finances

Second marriages and finances

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  1. Do you have shared goals, such as a particular vacation, saving for a down payment, etc.?

  2. Canada has increasingly diverse relationship patterns and the makeup of families in Canada continues to change. The one-pot system involves putting all the family's accounts -- checking, savings, investments, everything -- in both names.

  3. Before Judy, 65, retired as a registered nurse, she put her paycheck into another checking account. We now have joint everything, including purchase decision-making.

  4. Open communication and working toward shared goals can help you find ways to improve how you handle, think and talk about money together. The more money each spouse has before the marriage, the greater the need for multiple investment accounts and careful management of beneficiaries.

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