Sapiosexualität: Was ist das eigentlich?

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It is pure fulfilment Sure, there is something to be said about being physically attractive, but unlike looks, intelligence is lasting. Some won't date people with brown eyes.


The term is now becoming mainstream with dating apps such as OkCupid and Sapio giving users the ability to define their sexual orientations as "Sapiosexual. Such a person, in this kind of situation, for a sapiosexual, is just about the sexiest set-up they can imagine. Well, this is a new age sexuality that does not necessarily mean a sexual orientation.



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  1. More sexual drive goes with higher IQ The adult sex toy retailer Lovehoney reported that there is a very strong correlation between intelligence and sex drives. My thoughts in championing this word and maybe bringing some light to the topic was only because in the mad dash of life, filled with insecurities, discoveries, atrocities and confusion this word helped me to discover and embrace a little bit about my sexuality and expression.

  2. There are some who say that they are just tired of it being used pretentiously in the world of internet dating. I am certainly not trying in anyway shape or form to diminish the struggle of accepting sexuality and gender outside of straight cis gender.

  3. Relate that to 59 percent of Harvard undergraduates, 56 percent of Princeton undergraduates and 51 percent of MIT undergraduates who report having had sexual intercourse.

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