Is 10% of the population really gay?

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Same sex experiences averages usa

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Still, a significant share of the public believes that homosexuality should be discouraged and that same-sex marriage should not be legal. A Note on Transgender Respondents Transgender is an umbrella term that groups together a variety of people whose gender identity or gender expression differs from their birth sex.

Same sex experiences averages usa

Often same-sex sexual contact between men will take a form of hyper-masculinity and joking around. Individual respondents are identified only by their age, gender and sexual orientation or gender identity.

Same sex experiences averages usa

Same sex experiences averages usa

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  1. And it is clear that there is a lot of experimental activity — roughly, for each woman who has had a recent same-sex partner there are two more of the same age who have had some same-sex contact in their lives, but no partner in the past five years. So I did what a lot of people do and went online.

  2. Census question to show there were same-sex couples in And having a bigger number matters.

  3. What data can do There is no shortage of research to bolster the anecdotal stories of discrimination and outsized hardships LGBT people still experience.

  4. References to the political party identification of respondents include those who identify with a political party or lean towards a specific political party. Her office also approves questionnaires before they go out into the field.

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