How Gothic Horror Related to Romanticism in England

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Romanticism and gothicism

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Melmoth himself is the epitome of the romantic villain-hero, a hybrid of the Wandering Jew and Milton 's Satan with a bit of the Flying Dutchman thrown in. Very skillfully, Melville involves the reader with Ahab; we follow the narration of Ishmael into the situation, and then the narration vanishes, leaving us immersed in Ahab's world. Romanticism and the Victorian Gothic The influence of Romanticism and gothic horror peaked in the s, when elements from both genres had become almost standard tropes in popular literature.

Romanticism and gothicism

Obviously both terror and horror can be established in an "ordinary" setting. The Castle of Otranto holds the reader's attention through dread of a series of terrible possibilities -- Theodore's execution, the essentially incestuous marriage of Manfred and Isabella, the casting-off of Hippolita, and so on.

Romanticism and gothicism

Romanticism and gothicism

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  1. This movement culminated in the "confusions" of good and evil common among some romantics and epitomized in Blake 's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and Byron 's Cain.

  2. The appearance of the form has been variously accounted for. Shared Traits Gothic horror functions as an extension of the Romantic notion of literary pleasure, that literature should inspire deeply felt emotional responses.

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