The Ascendant, Rising Sign in Astrology

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Rising sign compatibility love

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They are also playful, humorous, and naughty because of the Mercurian effects. They like stability, but really, they have a hidden craziness.

Rising sign compatibility love

They are the messengers in our lives. The Aries rising ram when they get angry!

Rising sign compatibility love

Rising sign compatibility love

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  1. In relationships, they are attracted by Gemini at the pinnacle of their charts , Sagittarius in their fourth house of home and family , and Pisces their opposite sign. Mercury rules Gemini at the pinnacle of their charts, so they care about being heard and aim to make a tremendous impact with their efforts.

  2. Passionate, fiery, and joyous in life are terms that define them well. In fact, Leo rising people make excellent promoters.

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