Overview of the shuttle imaging radar-B preliminary scientific results.

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They're also a very competitive club, priding themselves on staying on top of their market, which is to say their competitors. It may come down to professional standards. That may account for our hunch that even the best of the Bay Street watchers may not be able to answer the following question:


Being deferential and advisory and tolerating process, however, invariably involves some ego suppression, a quality that is itself considerably below the radar on most of Bay Street. Actually, the reason the question is so difficult for lawyers in the private sector to answer is because they spent years looking down their noses at their brethren who joined the public sector. Which is not to say that there's no respect.



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  1. But they could well be mistaking the insane pace of the A types populating downtown Toronto for a healthy work ethic. The emergence of corporate counsel may have been inevitable given their status as an integral part of the business community.

  2. A sample query returns XML that looks like: In radarb, the driving means behind mapping nested collection nodes without this redundancy hinges on checking for a trailing 's' character in the node name.

  3. And if lining one's pocket does become a priority, government lawyers can always take comfort from the well-publicized raids law firms have visited on some of their former colleagues. Given the focus on globalization over the last decade, this is one group of government lawyers that might have been expected to emerge from the shadows.

  4. Where they differ from the private bar may be in the number of files they take on and the extent to which they're willing to share the work—and the power and the glory—which has nothing to do with professional responsibility and a lot more to do, perhaps, with lining one's pocket and one's ego. For example, place nodes exist under a places node which is exposed as r.

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