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Puberty breast gallery

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Diet will not help, because there really isn't any food that would make breasts to grow and even if there was, such a food would affect BOTH breasts. I got my first period when I was thirteen years old, and my breasts have grown to around a size B-cup. Visitor comments I have a daughter.

Puberty breast gallery

But now I know that I am normal. I got my period when I was 13 and my breasts only grew a bit after that I had 32A until just recently, when they grew to 32B.

Puberty breast gallery

Puberty breast gallery

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  1. I never once had complications with my breast and I must admit now that he is weaning away from them I begin to miss that comfortable feeling of having him on them. But now I know that I am normal.

  2. Until I saw this website I was convinced that my saggy, lopsided breasts were absolutely abnormal and hideously ugly.

  3. I have a much more positive body image now, and even though my breasts may be bigger and sagging for someone of a young age, they are mine, given to me to feed and nurture my children and I won't trade them.

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