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Psa and frequency of sex

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An unexpected prescription As a urologist, I've always told my patients that having sex two to three times a week is a worthwhile goal. Men who had sex with 30 or more women over their lifetime were two to three times more likely to develop prostate cancer than men with only one partner. And also how sex affects PSA in general.

Psa and frequency of sex

However, you must understand that even if sex increases the PSA reading, sex does not have an adverse effect on prostate cancer. It found that men who ejaculated frequently tended to have higher testosterone levels than those who ejaculated less often — yet these were the same men who had a reduced risk of prostate cancer. From a total of 47 patients which comprise the study group, blood samples were drawn after a 3-day sexual abstinence period at baseline before ejaculation PSA0 , and at 1 PSA1 hr , 5.

Psa and frequency of sex

Psa and frequency of sex

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  2. The Harvard study The Health Professionals Follow-Up Study has been collecting information about a large group of volunteers since

  3. Like the American men, the Australians who ejaculated most frequently enjoyed a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Scientists have long known that regular sexual activity offers meaningful health benefits.

  4. To get an accurate picture of your PSA follow these guidelines of things to do, and not to do, before the test.

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