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Preoccupied attachment style

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Being aware of our needs and having a partner that understands and supports them, helps to insure that our needs get met. These people are often driven to engage in pre-emptive strategies in an attempt to avoid being rejected.

Preoccupied attachment style

Adults try to alleviate their anxiety by seeking physical and psychological closeness to their partners. Relational schemas add the if—then statements about interactions to working models. These examples are briefly discussed below.

Preoccupied attachment style

Preoccupied attachment style

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  1. Particularly after leaving an unhappy codependent relationship, people fear that being dependent on someone will make them more dependent. This triggering highjacks the brain and reestablishing connection to their partner becomes the main priority.

  2. When parents vacillate between these two very different responses, their children become confused and insecure, not knowing what kind of treatment to expect.

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