Pillow Masturbation

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Pillow masterbating

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Furry friends I either take a stuffed animal and stick it down my underwear and hump it hard. Your partner makes sure that his pelvis makes as much contact with your clitoris as possible. In the hot seat Sit on a chair with your legs apart, facing the back of the chair.

Pillow masterbating

I cum every time! Pillow humping is the act of having sex with pillows. For starters, you need to stop humping pillows and start masturbating using other methods your hands, a toy, the showerhead, etc.

Pillow masterbating

Pillow masterbating

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  1. Often women start humping their pillow without even knowing what a clitoris is no thanks to shoddy sex education ; they just know that it feels good. If your lover is going down on you, you can even grind against their face at the point of orgasm, which is pretty close to humping!

  2. You can use it during sex or grind against the pillow and toy during solo time. Stuffed animals are also a common item used by girls to masturbate.

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