Mayor Ed Murray Says Some Nextdoor Users Have Been "Working Themselves Into a Paranoid Hysteria"

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Nextdoor seattle sign in

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It is baffling to think this all started on a digital platform. While it was humorous to those observing from afar, for those involved it was disheartening.

Nextdoor seattle sign in

The Seattle Rumor Center closed after five years due to decreasing call volume and shrinking city budgets. For retention help, the Washington State Archives offers a records management advice sheet that is extremely useful in determining the retention value of social media records.

Nextdoor seattle sign in

Nextdoor seattle sign in

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  1. The city responds to the concerns posted on the site. Are my messages on Nextdoor public records?

  2. Nextdoor is a private social media network with groups for different neighborhoods, which you can only join if you can prove you live in that neighborhood. Heard there were outside agitators involved in disturbance.

  3. Sponsor The most insidious rumor over the years was that groups of black men were castrating white men and boys. From Barnett on February 18 after O'Toole's town hall:

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