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Video about negasus:

In the recap for episode 13, Wiglin, Steppa, and Rhyth cause Whisper to start pole dancing. This is edited to show the city exploding with a bright light so nothing can be seen getting destroyed.


Oh boy, episode Even Jibanyan and Whisper think that Nate's thoughts are dirtier than they turned out to be, given their own expressions while trying to ask Espy what kind of thoughts are making her that bothered.



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  1. This turned out to be too much for the English version to handle, as the segment was skipped entirely in the U.

  2. This initially impresses Katie and her friends, until the boys' swimming trunks fall off, horrifying the girls.

  3. It appears having any plan at all is a helpful course of action. The next episode even has him admit that he couldn't hide his "true nature" in being popular with women.

  4. The "camera" pans in on her legs and chest while sultry music plays. That's right— the future version of a series mascot has "weakness for gay sex" as a recurring character trait.

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