Translation of "mushy-gushy" in Italian

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Mooshy gooshy

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Eventually, the saxes play a little riff in thirds with bass and drum accents while the trumpet interjects in the spaces between their notes. The third floor had just been completed after five years when it first started to lean, so they stopped. Then the swirling, fluttery sax figures return, and bassist Armstrong plays a bowed arco solo beneath them and the trumpet tune also returns.

Mooshy gooshy

Then about a hundred years later, they started the eighth floor and finally finished it. Armstrong then plays a fine plucked solo, in the second chorus of which the horns and reeds interject new little figures behind him before slowing the tempo down and playing another counterpoint passage. This is the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Mooshy gooshy

Mooshy gooshy

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