Whereabouts of almost 1,300 Missouri sex offenders unknown

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Mo state sex offender list

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Until very recently, Missouri's sex-offender registry functioned like a factory with a single product. If an officer pulls over a non-compliant offender for a traffic violation, he won't know to take action. A state audit has found that police across Missouri don't know the whereabouts of nearly 1, registered sex offenders, including hundreds who fall into the most dangerous category.

Mo state sex offender list

The audit includes examples of police officials mistyping an offender's next registration date, in one case entering instead of The issues at play are painful and complicated, and Henry acknowledges that the registry was created with good intentions. In addition to urging strong control at the local level, the audit cites a need for the highway patrol to improve procedures for maintaining the database and for helping local police enforce registration requirements.

Mo state sex offender list

Mo state sex offender list

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  1. Her own son, who spoke to RFT on condition of anonymity for our cover story, spent 48 months in a Navy prison and treatment center for possessing child pornography. Henry knows the impact of Missouri's registry first-hand.

  2. Sex offenders routinely lose jobs or residences, and there's always a danger that a neighbor or vigilante will find their names and photos on the public registry.

  3. By contrast, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said in August that the statewide compliance rate for registered sex offenders there was

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