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Metal fabrication cape cod

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It's used in the air handling industry to craft many products, such as air conditioning units, heat exchangers, and filtration boxes; and it's used in the food processing industry to create aluminum and stainless steel components with food-grade finishes. One of his breakthroughs came with the iridescent red he achieved through a secret process involving rust dust.

Metal fabrication cape cod

What is metal fabrication? As a child, Call sketched, and an aunt gave him books on Picasso and Monet.

Metal fabrication cape cod

Metal fabrication cape cod

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  1. A welding teacher there, Michael Kacergis, who has a gallery in Provincetown, inspired Call to segue into art.

  2. Folding employs a brake press to create creases in metal. The metal is worth more after processing than it was prior to fabrication.

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