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Melancholy strengths and weaknesses

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A Melancholic can have different moods and a leaning towards depression. Serious conception of life.

Melancholy strengths and weaknesses

He tries often to express himself, because it affords him real relief, to pass on the sad, depressing thoughts which burden his heart to a person who sympathizes with him. Sunday, March 30, Melancholic Temperament:

Melancholy strengths and weaknesses

Melancholy strengths and weaknesses

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  1. They are not aggressive, and wish to flee from things that cause them distress. These are normal occurrences because people do not have similar behavioral tendencies or what is traditionally called as temperament.

  2. Famous People with Melancholic Personality Type 1. She, also, has been reported to suffer from nervousness when she was younger and had bouts of depression in her adulthood.

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