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Melancholic sanguine blend

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I would die for a friend. When alone they will likely rest or sleep. The need to be with people and to socialize is the driving force of this temperament.

Melancholic sanguine blend

I scored only two points less on the Supine than I did on the melancholy and the sanguine. He combines verbal aggressiveness with sharp attention to detail. He is both Industrious and detailed.

Melancholic sanguine blend

Melancholic sanguine blend

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  1. People either close to me or not readily comes to me for advice and also easily trust me with their problems but I, on the other side does not feel confortable sharing my inner thoughts, sometimes because I do not think anyone will eventually be of help and other times because I see it as a burden to those I may want to share it with. The Melancholy has a fear of the unknown; therefore, the Melancholy uses this stubbornness to keep from being forced into the unknown.

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