How to Tell If Butternut Squash Is Ripe

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Mature butternut squash

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While not ideal, this may be preferable to leaving them in the field if conditions are not favorable. Again, proper curing and storage conditions are key.

Mature butternut squash

By the time harvest approaches, the stem and vines will have dried out and turned hard. Mature Fruit Butternut squash stores best if you allow it to mature on the vine.

Mature butternut squash

Mature butternut squash

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  1. Use gloves to protect both the fruit and the workers. The morning before the frost, clip the squashes from the vine leaving several inches of stem.

  2. This is an indication that your butternut squash is ready to be picked. Back to top Pumpkin and Winter Squash Harvest and Storage Winter squash and pumpkin fruit sitting in the field face a daunting list of diseases and insects — not to mention possible passing hurricanes -- that could threaten fruit quality.

  3. One view is that it is advisable to cut the handles from the vine to save them from advancing powdery mildew and reduce shrinkage. By the time harvest approaches, the stem and vines will have dried out and turned hard.

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