'Masters of Sex': The story so far

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Masters of sex last date of series

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Vivian Scully when Ethan sleeps with her in "Catherine", which surprises him because, like Virginia earlier in the series, she came to him with an offer of casual sex. Virginia is a secretary, after all While he doesn't lack empathy, just social finesse, he's self-absorbed and often misses the point because of it.

Masters of sex last date of series

Season 3 skips forward from to Whatever well meaning nature the good Doctor Masters has in him is often overwritten by his unhealthy attraction towards Virginia, which turns him into an unapologetic Manipulative Bastard.

Masters of sex last date of series

Masters of sex last date of series

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  1. Early in the first season, Virginia is only interested in Ethan for casual sex but Ethan thinks he's in love with her, and loses his temper and bloodies her nose when she realizes the problem and tries to break up with him. She quits the study at one point late in season one when she realizes Bill has been using it as an excuse to have an affair with her.

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