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Masseuse having sex on job

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Not only do they get harassed by men for having this kind of job, it's also apparently harder to find a date. But hey, massage therapists are people, too.

Masseuse having sex on job

Any respectful, loving and considerate partner would probably turn down this kind of offer to give their other half some peace of mind. It also makes you wonder if these husbands are getting some action on the side.

Masseuse having sex on job

Masseuse having sex on job

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  1. We don't know if they realize it's inappropriate or if their good intentions simply didn't translate well. However, we don't really hear much from massage therapists, so when they do say something about their job, well, as you'll see here, it can be shocking or disturbing at times.

  2. So the provisions in Australia at the Commonwealth level talk about whether the employer is reckless, whether the employee will be exploited.

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