9 (Exclusive) Benefits of Being in a Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationship definition

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They force you to be independent in your relationship. The distance between the couples varied between 40 and 4, miles.

Long distance relationship definition

Therefore, examining email among college students helps explore how the Internet is affecting college students emotionally and socially. According to a study done by Cornell University see a longer article on the Huffington Post here , between a quarter and one half of college students are currently in a long distance relationship. To be fair, I'm not exactly sure how one measures the amount of emotions their partner shares, but you can see the full Huffington Post article, here.

Long distance relationship definition

Long distance relationship definition

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  1. And I'm sure that means a lot of things, but to most of my friends in long distance relationships, it means that if they can survive the distance, they can survive anything. Another study generated a sample of undergraduate students who were in LDRs and became geographically close.

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